Isolation disc for speaker spikes on wood floors.

Just did a little search, and it goes from pretty reasonable to quite expensive. Isoclean prices them as sets of 4, while others like Black Diamond and Symposium each. The BDR's are $30 each, but I need 8, so these things aren't cheap. The Isoclean's are $160/4, so they would run over $300. My sources are Music Direct, and Acoustic Sounds so far.
Wow- Thanks for all the suggestions. I reached out to Herbie, so I'll start there.
I have his tube damper rings, and I didn't think about him for these. I think his stuff is priced fairly, and hopefully will offer a nice upgrade over a penny. I just can't see a $6,000 speaker resting on 8 cents. Then there's the other extreme, where it gets crazy. Herbies products are certainly priced much closer to 8 cents than a few of these products. Cheers -Don
I like these quite a bit:

They are used in combination with their matching spikes which I felt were a nice sonic improvement over the stock brass spikes that were supplied with the Coincident outriggers (which I don't use).
How about cone coasters from Sound Anchors? I am using under my B&W 800's and two 15" subs.