Isolation for speakers on spikes

A friend recently gave me some Vibrapod isolation discs to put under my speakers, B&W 704. The effect was amazing, however I believe that by removing the spikes the speakers lost a lot of their quickness, and with some music they sound even a little muddy and dull. I tried resting a board on the pods, and the speakers with spikes on top of that, but that didn't work out. How can I get the best of both worlds--the great isolation benefits but also maintain the quickness and clarity that spikes deliver?
I find with speakers you either couple or decouple. One is almost impossible to do. The other very easy. Are you wondering which? I use Audiopoints 3/8-16 1.5inch screwed into my Definition 1.5s. I cannot tell how much of a difference it made compared to Zucable spikes. Even called the Zu boys to let them know. COUPLE your new baby. It don't get much better than that, unless of course you can put them on the Sistrum Platforms. That is nirvana. You've been here before!! peace, warren :)
Generally speaking, soft items soften the sound, while hard items bring focus. I have used vibrapods, sorbothane pucks, brass cones, aurios bearings, and stillpoints.

The best item I have found is the stillpoint bearing. They give the benefit of spikes but maintain the speed and clairity that people tend to want.
Could be the board you are using in the configuration you described. I tried the same thing on my suspended wood floors which are carpeted. Vibrapods on the carpeted floor, MDF board on top of them, then the spiked speakers on top of them. Sounded OK but not ideal. When I substituted a 1" thick maple wood chopping block for the MDF the transformation was amazing: fast, clear, dynamic, musical and I've kept them that way since with a high degree of satisfaction; 2" would probably be even bettter. I got the chopping blocks from TJ Maxx for $10 apiece but you can also get them at Bed Bath 'N Beyond, Ross or a hardwood supplier for reasonable cost. If you can't find maple try other hardwoods. I've got bamboo cutting boards under my spiked monitors on stands and they, too, sound significantly better than the MDF or directly onto the metal stands.

Also, make certain you have the correct Vibrapods for the weight they are supporting.
Hope this helps.