Isolation Platform for my Sota Cosmos?

Delving into the murky waters of all things Isolation Platforms to complement my Sota Cosmos turntable to try to understand which - if any - isolation platform would work best with my Sota Cosmos turntable - which is a suspended turntable. The Cosmos already has great isolation qualities so i am wondering if there is actually anything out there that could improve the sound quality from this TT. Any suggestions? Thank You
Hi All. Been awhile since i have visited this topic. And it has been for an interesting read. I should share with you all however an email i received back from Sota themselves regarding this topic. I thought at the time i may as well send them an email as they would perhaps know best what type of isolation works with their turntables and this is what i received in reply. I received the reply on 17th March of this year;

Thank you for your message and patience as we attended to show preparations and attendance.

Yes, you are correct in that the Cosmos has environmental isolation with the spring suspension. But, if you're looking for an isolation platform, maybe we can help. SOTA, or more specifically Kirk, designed an isolation platform for our entry level models. This platform can now be used for any of our models. It features characteristics similar to the Cosmos armboard in that it is multiple layers of acrylic coupled with hard and soft metals. We've added weight ratio polymer feet to finish it off. It's high gloss black finish makes it look sexy too. The platform sized for the Cosmos will sell for $750. I can't send a photo at this time ('cause my computer is too full to take anything more or it might blow up). If interest, just let us know.

Best regards,
SOTA Sales & Service
800-772-SOTA - (608) 538-3500

I just sent them another follow up email as Donna did promise to send me some pics. But i have yet to receive them and other priorities have intervened in the meantime.

regards Jeff

You'll probably be happiest with Sota's solution ,
but if you want to try something cheaper,  read on .

I too have a suspened TT , a Merrill Heirloom that I mounted on the wall .
I first screwed a 3/4" 2' X 4' piece of plywood with 4" screws to the wall studs , then mounting the 300lbs load capacity TT plateform by drilling thru the plywood and wall then using toggel bolts .
Using leftover partical board ( from another progect ) I made 2 shelves 
seperating them with cork and finially using GEM Dandy footers
@ $9 each under the TT .
Gem footers are made from the same material that is used in the 
new Merrill-Williams TT.