Isolation Springs Deal

Any value Audiogoners looking for a great audio value?  I have a set on these under my Raven Amp with nice results and more on order.



I can see a potential problem with this design though, if the weight of the piece of gear you're using these on is not evenly distributed. I think that applies to almost all turntables (and so many other pieces of gear). You certainly don't want to trade-off/substitute a level turntable over more isolation. 


Great catch. Great deal.


I am not sure I have this brand, but while I have a very high end SRA isolation platform under my turntable. I put this general kind of springs under all of my other components. They, even at $30 for 4 are a screaming deal… let alone $11!


you adjust for the load by removing some of the springs. I have actually left one spring for a really light component on my headphone system. I was pretty shocked it worked.

You want each of the units to compress around half way or less. So, some experimentation is required.


My plan is to use these until I can afford a sophisticated solution. They did make a positive impact on every thing I put them under… amp, preamp… etc.

@ghdprentice agreed…same experience here. I use 1 spring on my lighter components. On my amp, I use 1 spring in front and three on the back where more weight resides to balance the compression with good results.




Yes, they are great value. I bought them after reading the thread here on how to mix the springs based on weight of component: sorry I don't have the link.

I have probably 6 sets to sell because I moved up in price to gain even better results