Isolation Springs Deal

Any value Audiogoners looking for a great audio value?  I have a set on these under my Raven Amp with nice results and more on order.



Yes, they are great value. I bought them after reading the thread here on how to mix the springs based on weight of component: sorry I don't have the link.

I have probably 6 sets to sell because I moved up in price to gain even better results

@tweak1 if you don’t mind what did you move up to and to what degree of improvement did you gain?

I bought the black ones that are much less noticable.

You can change the number of springs to change the load capacity. My tube amp is heavier in the rear so I took some springs out of the front to make it sit level.

I can't say that I heard an obvious improvement but they make sense.


@tweak1 sorry  but I was inquiring what you replaced the spring sets with st the higher price. Thanks