Isolation Springs Deal

Any value Audiogoners looking for a great audio value?  I have a set on these under my Raven Amp with nice results and more on order.



I bought two sets, but they are still boxed. I will try them out soon under components.

I personaly wouldn't use a device like this to place under any audio equipment.What you have here is basically a shock absorber with all the damping fluid gone.This thing will continue to osculate long after any bump or floor vibration causes it to move.Also it will move in two directions,side to side and up and down.I cringe at the thought of somebody placing these under +100 lb speakers.Footers like this need to be dampened.But hey the price is really CHEAP.

You may cringe but I have these under Tekton Moabs and haven't had any problems.  People that are concerned about the oscillation usually place ear plugs into the springs to damp them but I haven't done that.


i think the purpose of these things is to absorb micro vibrations of short duration and amplitude… not earthquakes. My experience is the do really good for the money. 

On my systems they make a meaningful  difference and well worth using.  Just can’t justify spending big on the top brands.  Best success for me has been using them on speakers.  I placed them between  my Fritz speakers and stands with 3 springs and a 10 lb weight on top of speaker.  Nice improvement to bass and overall sound stage.  Also have used them under my GE Triton towers with similar results.  Using on my Amp, Dac, streamer, transport seem to help to a lesser degree.  Time will tell..