Isolation suggestions for amplifer

Thanks for reading. I am looking for suggestions in the direction of amplifier isolation, feet, amp stands or whatever users have found that honestly do a good job isolating their amplifiers. I have a Sunfire amplifier sitting on a Michael Green Delux-just-a-rack currently and I am looking towards feet to get some air circulation under the amplifier but at the same time add some extra isolaation to the component.

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Is it possible to isolate from airborne vibration? Seems like you would have to drain that somehow. This reminds me of a really old thread....the isolationist versus the drainers. I just use a solid spiked stand with 2" Maple Blocks beneath each piece and Herbie tube dampers and hope for the best. The system sounds pretty good.
I think the best isolation from airborne vibration is to pour concrete over the amplifier. This can, however, create some maintenance issues.

I am currently experimenting with an airborne isolation system involving helium-filled balloons tied to each of the 4 corners of the amplifier. At the moment, I'm having a problem with the cat, who likes to ride on it (because it's warm), and has figured out that by manipulating the balloons, she can guide it around the living room. Guests find this disconcerting. I guess I will have to try shorter interconnects.
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