Isolation suggestions for amplifer

Thanks for reading. I am looking for suggestions in the direction of amplifier isolation, feet, amp stands or whatever users have found that honestly do a good job isolating their amplifiers. I have a Sunfire amplifier sitting on a Michael Green Delux-just-a-rack currently and I am looking towards feet to get some air circulation under the amplifier but at the same time add some extra isolaation to the component.

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Three tall points on an absorbing base is best (see tbg et alia above) as long as the amp is VERY stable.

an airborne isolation system involving helium-filled balloons tied to each of the 4 corners of the amplifier
What's the point of isolating the amp when we're not isolating ourselves? As we all know, vibration affects our hearing, especially the high frequency perception.
Using another room for the equipment and running long cables proabably works; if you have a lot of time on your hands.