Isolation Transformer or Power Regenerator

How are they different? Is one better than the other?

Let’s first just I assume that I have bad power. I have a Topaz 1.8 (.9 balanced) that I put my McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe (SMcAudio silver upgrade) on recently and the difference in sound was night and day. Was expecting subtle changes but not dramatic changes. The amp right out of the wall did not sound very good at all, which just did not make sense…it’s a good amp. Putting the iso in line explained why. So, my feeling is I need to get fresh power to my entire system. The Topaz in balanced form may have just enough headroom to squeek by (according to Steve McCormack) with just the amp on it. More would be better.

So, should I get a higher power iso (Topaz, Oneac) for the amp and using the existing one iso on the other gear? If so, does it matter if it is a IE-core or Torroid? Some say EIs let less noise through, some say a good Torriod will equal EI in terms of noise reduction and create less noise (EMI) than an IE. Any final verdicts on this?

Or would it make more sense to get a (Exact Power, PS Audio Power Plant Premier) power regenerator and put the whole system on it. Would any of these have enough headroom to cover my whole system?

I already have a dedicated 20A line to this system. Looking for bang-for-buck solution.

My System:

TADAC Tube Pre/DAC = 25W According to Paul at TAD)
Apple TV = 20W (according to Apple)
DIP (Original) = 10W (according to back panel)
Tivo HD = 40W (according to tivocommunity)
Video Switcher = (don't know but could it be much?)
TV = 240W (according to manual)
McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe = 400 (according to SmCAudio)
Paradigm PS1000 powered (250W/750W peak) Subwoofer = I can’t find this, any ideas? Let’s say 375

TOTAL = 1110W
Ngjockey, Pardon my ignorance, but I am assuming that is a good thing? A 2.5 kva/120v iso would equal 20.8 amps, the size of the breaker on that line. Therefore, if all my equipment on that line has never caused the breaker to pop, the 2.5 KVA iso should be enough for the whole system, correct?
I was there for the installation of an Equi=Tech 10.5WQ, and personally I wasn’t too impressed. It didn’t do any more than the filtration system he had (RSA Dmitri and flagship Jena Labs PCs) and sold—and it cost tons more. Neither was my friend, who spent big money on it, that impressed. He thought it was better by a little bit, but I think he was expecting a lot more. So, having first-hand experience with Equi=Tech, I’m not sold. YMMV.
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check out pure power latest regenerator, the 3000 model.
can handle 2000 watt continiously and peaks of 3000 watt afaik. should be sufficient for your system.