Isotek EVO3 Syncro UNI

Hi All,

I did some researcher and can't find mutch user input on the Isotek EVO3 Syncro Uni. I am thinking in buying one, to connect it to my power conditioner, and would like to know it it delivers what it promises or more?


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They also have the syncro power cable, which is expensive at $2k but if you use it in conjunction with one of their power conditioners you get then benefit of both.  I have the syncro plugged in to the Evo Sigmas, and find it to be a great combo.  I have no Idea how ‘much’ DC I have on my line, and I have no hum in any equipment I have ever used without the Syncro, but having tried several other cables between the wall and the Sigmas I found the Syncro to yield the smoothest and most refined results.  I always plug my amp(s) directly into the wall, though, important to note.  So my results are for other components.  

Hi All,

Apologies for my absence, and thanks for your input. I’ve purchase the EVO3 syncro  Uni for my setup and I’ve been running it for about 4 days.

I purchased the 16A version with the C19 plug, and I plugged it like this:

Input cable is a generic copper cable with 4.4mm cross section, output cable is a Silver edition Purus Cable. The Purus cable then connects to BP-2400 Balance conditioner and then I use the same Silver Purus cable to all my gear.

My first impressions (first day) was that the system tended to the live side, with deeper base, snappier response and some (not much) increase in the micro detail.

Over the following days the system tended to a more softer side but still maintaining the snappier response and the micro detail. I’ve also notice the amps seem to run less hot than before.

I believe it is difficult to judge how much DC one has on its system, however it is one of doses componentes that protects the degradation of ones system in the long run and for that alone is a must have.

I will have to change the input power cable, but currently I am happy with the results. Not shore if the sound signature will change much more but so far It is a great product.



Syncro Uni is really a no brainer upgrade.

I’ve had the Syncro cord in the past, but I wanted to be able to use my own power cords.

And that’s also the drawback with the unit - it gets expensive requiring 2 power cords if you’re using good cords.

It gets rid of the harshness and grunge, improving performance with no drawbacks (other than the cost of 2 cords).

I also have an Isotek Genesis one and I wish it had this DC canceling built-in.

Just added one (16A version ) to my system. Had a nagging hum from my power conditioner transformer (even on a dedicated 20A line). It hummed louder when I switched my amp to Class A (higher load).Tried my spare PS audio humbuster which reduced the hum but was still present (could hear it a few feet away). Looks like my AC like had more DC voltage than humbuster could handle. Only downsides, 2 power cords for one connection and the unit itself is pricey. I got the 16A version just to be on the safe side as my system's current draw as of now is close to 7A.