Isotek Sigmas or PS Audio P15

Anyone have thoughts about these two gems?

Better yet, has anyone compared the two? Would really like to know how they stack up against each other...

Need something for my crappy power, and I have honed it down to these two.

Would like to know what you guys think...
@flip49er,You should really try out a Inakustik AC-3500P. It positively changed my system.
Thanks Milpai...

I looked into the AC-3500 and it looks very similar to the Isotek Aquarius and Sigmas. But also lacking some of the key features in those that have me looking that way. Also it looks like this is their first go at a Mains conditioner. The price looks good, but I like to stay with experience in this realm. Isotek and PS Audio have been doing this for a while... 

I have the Isotek Sigmas.

Wasn’t prepared for how good it is.

Alan Sircom’s review on the Nova is spot on.

Your system takes less effort to make music.

It also doesn’t change the tonality or dampen the sound.

It just lets your component sound like the best version of itself.