Issue with Audioirvana streaming

If anyone has a similar issue, please chime in: This is not the first time it has happened. Listening yesterday, through a Bricasti M1 SE Dac with network card installed. This via Quboz via Audioirvana. I had chosen a song, 10 minutes in length, (YES) The group, And you and I the song. It started playing just fine and I looked at the time left and it stated 1 minute and 50 seconds playing time left, after listening for 30 seconds???? I looked at the above album on the screen and it showed the songs length at over 10 minutes. Kept listening and 40 seconds later the song ended.   Another Glitch     Listening to a song, and half way through, another songs starts playing,???? At the end of my listening session I usually finish with three songs, Alan Parsons Project, Sirius, Eye in the Sky, and Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven, with No issues at all.    Both of the examples earlier mentioned have occurred before, not the first time. Anyone  else have a similar issue?   Thanks, Robert TN   Other than Glitches, music sounds GREAT!


You might try posting your issue on the Audirvana forum. When I was messing around with it, I found that more experienced members had solutions without waiting for a response from the manufacturer- who could also chime in. (At the time, I think you could also create a "support ticket" but I got answers from other users that were very helpful).