It Might Get Load - documentary

Last night at the local arts theatre I saw "It Might Get Load". Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White in a documentary together on the electric guitar from the point of view of these three significant rock music artists, directed by Davis Guggenheim and found it most enjoyable. I will not spoil the experience by giving a complete play by play, if you need that, go to the web for trailers.

Just to make a comment about something tangential to the point of this tread for a moment and I promise only a moment. I find it strange and somewhat condescending that here in the U.S. a review or trailer to a movie tends to completely give it away (the plot). Why not tantalize and offer a mystery and establish some desire and anticipation to experience more? So few things are a mystery these days.

We'll having said that, I won't let the cat out of the bag or anything yet, sufficed to say, it is what it sounds like and I'll just highly recommend it.

Happy Listening
good film, though jack white has always struck me as something of a fake--a smart, ambitious guy who's skillfully persuaded the media to give him laurels somewhat disproportionate to his talent. the edge registers as a nice guy who's wholly oblivious to the fact that all the effects pedals in ireland will never make him a very interesting guitar player. as for jimmy page, he's a notorious song thief who seems content to enjoy his wealth (what's with the frilly silk shirt?) and put out very little music since zep (death watch 2, anyone?). still, you can never claim that he's not a fantastic guitarist. i've trashed more that one guitar trying futilely to play "tangerine".
I just finished watching this documentary, piecemeal to be honest, over the past week. I'm not sure I understand what the point of it was. To discuss "life choices that drove them to become musicians" according to my cable. That's it? Every musician has a story; many probably much more interesting than those three. I thought there was more of a reason why they were chosen. I found the whole film rather bland and frankly boring even though I appreciate their music, especially Led Zeppelin. What did I miss?
I kinda agree there was no real point to it, a conversation between 3 talents is only interesting if we feel part of it and that there was an ultimate point of it all. It was either too short or poorly thought out because it was just fluff in the end. I did come away thinking Jack was the guy I was most impressed with and I should walk back a step on my Edge slaps because he didnt play a rock star, he came off as genuine but I dont think much of his ability. I rewatched it and still found parts interesting but only a few.
It's not often that a movie with subject matter like this comes around to the big screen so that's why I liked it.