It's 2008, what speakers deserve recognition.

Surely there must be some new speakers that deserve awards for there life-like sonics.
Regardless of price or should I say for different price points what speakers stand out today.
I would second Jb8312's nomination of the Devore Fidelity speakers. I've had mine a year and a half and they still surprise and delight me.
My vote is for the Ohm Wals M3's. I own the 100's and ame continually impressed.
I am extremely happy with my purchase of Emerald Physics CS-2's. Over the last few months I've auditioned B&W, TAD, and others, and have yet to find a competitor that equals the EP's in dynamics, clarity, and life like presentation.

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Wide band horn midrange and ancillary drivers that can keep up with it is the way to go. Emerald Physics is one example of this. Oswald's Mill and Classic Audio Reproductions made strong arguments at RMAF from what I've read. Bert Doppenberg's Oris Horns are another good example. Avant Garde with the help of Jim Smith, brought horn performance to audiophiles who could afford them. Now it is possible with Emerald Physics to approximate horn performance capabilities without the size and cost compromises that real horn systems demand. Many other efforts are being presented world wide.
If you really have a desire to investigate cutting edge speaker efforts, you would be wise to look back in time. It turns out we had it right years ago and somehow allowed the audio press and well-meaning designers of alternative approaches to lead us elsewhere. I'm returning to superior technology and watching for the many ways it is being refined for our times.
Do any of you know about Goto, ALE or Cogent?
My Coincident Total Victory IV's sound fantastic,can only imagine how good the Pure Reference's are.