It’s a pleasure.

It’s really a pleasure when you can turn your stereo on, enjoy the sound and music right off the bat without agonizing over technicalities.
This post is a marvel, everyone appears to be in agreement! I’m happy with my set up for now. I’ve been focusing on scooping up the Tone Poet reissues, the Blue Note 80th Anniversary reissues and just this week received the verve reissue of Getz/Gilberto. Drop the needle and sit in my favourite chair to listen and enjoy. It has been an absolute pleasure to be listening to records this past year or so. 
It is indeed a pleasure.  Those that have this status on a long term basis are truly blessed.

For me it never lasts more than a couple of weeks before I start going nuts looking for the next tweak, or accessory, that will get rid of those new nasties I can now hear .....😢
Here are two related pleasures:

(a) Putting on an old tune you loved a long time ago (e.g. The Who’s 5:15) only to find that it’s been remastered and is now in "ultra HD" and you’re simultaneously reminiscing AND hearing it like you never did before.

(b) Finding that an old tune really doesn’t sound that great on your rig and then saying, "Whatever!" and setting all criticism aside so you can venture inside the music.