It’s all a matter of degree

It may be stating the obvious, but each A’goner will have his own idea of how far he must go to satisfy his addiction.  To one member, enjoyment can be obtained with just a setup and no tweaks. Another will add a few or several and be satisfied.  Then there are those who must go on an all out quest for nirvana which may never be sated.

Which camp are you in?

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For me it's doing things within reason based on the room I'm in. In other words I'm not going to spend $X on cables when I don't have equal reflection points, but I do believe in cables). You can put unlimited resources into a system but if your room isn't set up great you will never get the performance in full. LMMV but I don't think very much from the room rule. 

Some people simply crave the obsession of doing something, anything as the experimentation is half the joy and that's totally fine obviously.  Do whatever you enjoy.  The "project" is much of the joy for folks on this board, regardless of the outcome.  I'm probably somewhere in the middle of the "Matter of Degree" bell curve.  

I try different things in different systems and in different rooms all at the same time. You might call me a hi fi bigamist. I like all kinds of sound but some better than others.

I'm in the camp that throws in a pair of Bose 901's when the sickness gets to be too much.