It’s all a matter of degree

It may be stating the obvious, but each A’goner will have his own idea of how far he must go to satisfy his addiction.  To one member, enjoyment can be obtained with just a setup and no tweaks. Another will add a few or several and be satisfied.  Then there are those who must go on an all out quest for nirvana which may never be sated.

Which camp are you in?


I don't really go in for tweaks.  I do use 2 Magic Bricks, one on each Shunyata Hydra 4, but it is just to keep them on the shelf as the power cables tend to pull it back.  As for cables, I bought mostly used and my rule is no more than $400-$500 for a cable.   I spent a lot of time in 2018 dialing in my system and I am a "set and forget" kind of guy, just like the late Ron Popeil.

I can long periods with no changes in my system.  Sometimes a component fails and I need an alternative for a period of time. Then the merry-go-round starts and I read everything that I can to make a considered choice. I typically buy quality used gear to stretch my $.

sometimes a "wishlist" component shows up and I buy it to try it out. Over time, I end up changing just about everything but my speakers (too large and heavy to bother with changing out.)


A method is not a sum of "tweaks"....

Very succinct and spot on! Some here espouse adding a tweak to get to level 1, and then continually piling on tweak upon tweak to elevate your system even further. A more holistic approach makes infinitely more sense to me. 

I may not be in this camp that much longer as I have increasing hearing loss. So for me, the goal keeps moving for the last 5 years. I listened tonight and shook my head. No magic. I have gone so far as to have a parametric eq on the way. Last ditch effort. It isn't tweaking as I would normally do, but just to stay in the game a bit longer.

 In the past, I have tried all kinds of equipment, music, etc. I will never regret it, that's for sure.

 Photography. Yah, maybe that will be the new inspiration for the future.