It’s all a matter of degree

It may be stating the obvious, but each A’goner will have his own idea of how far he must go to satisfy his addiction.  To one member, enjoyment can be obtained with just a setup and no tweaks. Another will add a few or several and be satisfied.  Then there are those who must go on an all out quest for nirvana which may never be sated.

Which camp are you in?


@yoyoyaya  Refreshing post.  There was actually a poster who several months ago asserted that he derived 90% of his sonic gains and listening pleasure from tweaks.  Apparently to some, a wonderfully designed circuit or amazing speaker design just can't compare to a magical piece of wire or a spring. 

@three_easy_payments I know, next time i am at the symphony, i plan to look for an empty seat in front of me to place the Shakti stick, bowls, Helmholtz this and that… hopefully nobody will mind…..