It's Hammond B3 Organ Day

I just discovered The Ken Clark Trio and wanted to share my discovery.

Ken Clark Trio Web Site

if you click on the CD's on the right, you can listen to tracks..

Track #6. I Just Woke Up on Mutual Respect sure makes me happy. It was kinda difficult dancing while driving coming in this morning. I imagine my car was hopping down the road :-)

hope you enjoy as much as I have,
Thanks for the link. That is funkifyin' fer shure! I prob'bly have ever Tower of Power record ever made... been following them for over 30 years..
Wait Wait! What about Joey DeFrancesco? That's a Hammomd master if there ever was one!
Oh my God! I was just thinking that the music theater I support should have a B3 on hand because no one lugs it around anymore,; especially with a Leslie! I'm so sick of the sinner-sized digitized version most traveling bands use.

I was thinking about it while listening to Jimmy Smith, The Decemberists, and Counting Crows today. It hit me! What I love is that B3/Leslie thang.

Thanks for the tip about the Ken Clark Organ Trio. I ordered both CDs after listening to the previews on their website. Wow, these guys sound great!


How about Groove Holms also in addition to Jimmy Smith! They had a Hammond B-3 organ venue as part of the week long Jazz festival at the Berks Jazz Festival (Reading, Pa.)several years ago with Joey and his Pappa John DiFrancesco and a female whose name slips me at the moment with three B-3s' set up all on the stage at one time. What a show if you like the B-3.