It's Hammond B3 Organ Day

I just discovered The Ken Clark Trio and wanted to share my discovery.

Ken Clark Trio Web Site

if you click on the CD's on the right, you can listen to tracks..

Track #6. I Just Woke Up on Mutual Respect sure makes me happy. It was kinda difficult dancing while driving coming in this morning. I imagine my car was hopping down the road :-)

hope you enjoy as much as I have,
My favorite B3 is Charles Earland, especially his "More Today than Yesterday" on the Black Talk! album.
Angela, thanks for the tip. BTW Angela and Shadorne, I just went last week to Toronto (I live in the metro Detroit area) to see TOP - it was my third time this year and my 65th time since 1973. They JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER WITH AGE. I am an INSANE fan and have not only every CD and LP (including Funkland which took me 30 years to find) but multiples of every LP (e.g., regular version, Japanese, German and other foreign versions as well as Direct Disk and Sheffield Labs versions)and also a sealed copy of every LP they've made except Funkland. I need help - but I have NEVER tired of hearing them live and enjoy them JUST as much if not more every time I see them!!

That YouTube of Knock Yourself out with Chester sitting in is simply amazing and if you can still and not dance or tap your feet to that - yer dead inside. If you like TOP here are some others to check out (all inspired by TOP):

Doctor Funk

Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns (AMAZING brass section)

Prime Time Funk

Mingo Fishtrap

Phat Function

Heavy Metal Horns (and last but not least)

Sage (especially their newest "Funksway")

Doc Kupka's Strokeland Superband --- (mostly current and former TOP members with Lenny Pickett doing all the sax solos - check out the newst one "Bumped Up To First Class" and the first one "Kick It Up a Step"
Bbro - that sounds like it was a great time! I wish I was better informed. Reading, PA is only 80 minutes away.
Interestingly enough, I have been on an absolute binge of Jimmy Smith recently. I got a new iPod (Touch - coolest thing on wheels (when I'm riding the subway in to work in the morning)) and it is chock full o' Jimmy (10 albums). For Hammond B3 live show lovers, "Root Down" is a great album. I personally prefer some of the older ones like 'Back at the Chicken Shack', 'The Sermon', 'Cool Blues', and 'The Incredible Jimmy Smith at the Organ'
In the early-mid 80's, I lived in Fresno for a couple of years. There was a cool part of town, yeah I know that is hard to believe, but there was.. on the west side where all the olive trees were... anyway, there was the club called The Wild Blue Yonder that had live music every night and everything from new wave (well, it was coming up then) to punk to jazz to funk... well you get the idea.... The owner was friends with Tower of Power and some of the guys would stop in from time to time and just jam... no notice... but if you were there that night.. who boy! I also saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers before they were "known" already playing music in their socks... I used to sit up top and work the lights some nights....Those were some good times...