It was 20 years ago today. . What was your system?

I've ha a stereo in one way or another since the 70's.

Right now I am listening to an Art Pepper LP I've had more than 20 years so I got thinking, what was my system like 20 years ago.

Here's the snapshot-

Magnepan MG2.6R speakers
Bryston .5b preamp
Bryston 4b amp.
Rega Planar 3 with Linn K9 cartridge
Onkyo T9090mkII tuner.

I think I had Naim speaker cable and Audioquest IC's.

The only thing I still have from back in the day is my Zerostat (red) and Shure balance beam tracking force guage.

What were you listening through in 1993?
1993 TT was Sonographe SG-3 w MMT arm and Sumiko Blue Point special cart. The AR had been loaned to my b-in-law at that point.
Advanced case of CRS, sorry.
I auditioned an Acurus preamp in that system and it was MUCH better than my particular Adcom although I couldn't afford the Acurus at that live and learn.
Forte 5 amp, Forte 40 pre, Sony CD Discman-yes, the first one, crappy JVC double cassette deck, Monster interconnects, and Hartley Mini Reference tower speakers. My ex wife and I spent everything we had for the amp and preamp on clearance when Threshold was going out of business. The sales guy said, you really should get the Threshold if you can afford it, but we couldn't and the Forte was as close as we could get and it provided lots of Nirvana, REM, and other alternative 90s music. I still have the set and had Jon S recap and upgrade them for backup duties.
Luxman R-115 Receiver
Carver DPL-33 Surround Sound Processor/amplifier
Pioneer VHS Hi-Fi VCR
Sony ES CD changer
Polk Audio RTA-11t speakers (still own)
Definitive Technology CLR1000B center channel speaker
In-Wall speakers for surrounds (forgot brand; bought from home depot)
In the 90's, my system was Krell KSA100s->FPB600, Sonic Frontier SFL1->SFL2, Mirage M3si->Gallo Nucleus Ref (ones with 2 balls and a can on top), Krell CD players, Technic Turntable and MIT ICs/SCs.