its all about the music,no way hose

is it really?

i posted a thread a few weeks ago asking why everybody got into high end gear & some of the responses got me thinking about this.

ok heres the deal,i constantly read the phrase"its all about the music" but is it really,i dont believe so,in a hobby where enthusiasts change gear as often as their socks i find that statement real hard to believe allmost like a herion addict claiming back pain is why he shoots up that crud.

ive seen guys spend upwards of $10,000 xtra for a special finish on their speakers,is that all about the music,how about paying high dollar for the same paint used to paint ferrari sports cars is that all about the music or how about the whole WAF deal where guys claim they are selling due to the wife not liking the way somthing looks no matter how good it sounds.

ive picked up alot of gear in person & ive seen where guys have $50,000 rigs but thier music collection is less than 50 discs or albums now that cant be all about the music.

just once i'd love to hear somthing honest like im in this hobby beacuse i love the gear,the way i see it is that this hobby is no different from say a guy collecting guns or sports cars or even motor cycles(my other hobby) or rare coins so why the big deal admitting it.

dont get me wrong i listen alot & since i dont watch television ever i listen more than most but its never been all about the music with me & it never will be,with me its about having fun with trying out different peices of gear & pride of ownership or even scoring on a very rare peice,sure, listening to music on a rig that produces music on a level that 99% of the population will never hear is a good thing but i find it very hard to believe thats the reason for most guys being in this hobby.

whats your thoughts?

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if in addition to enjoying 'your' hobby, you were also really (seriously) involved with the music that was playing as well? For many of us, certainly speaking for myself, that is precisely what is occuring. That way we can speak reasonably intelligently not only about equipment, but music as well. Try it, its like having two hobbies in one! :-)
I dont think it took any of us too long to figure this out. Yes, we love music, but like the rest of us, we also love the toys and the hardware that graces the room it sits in.

I definately agree with you, and pride of ownership has its rewards, as well as its headaches.I think most of us here find it's not all about the music as much as we say, yet I know that without Audiogon, I would not have learned as much about music as well as the gear that plays it. I see alot of high priced systems that scream "I have money and Im going to spend it on the best I can get"..nothing wrong with that per se..but are these guys really interested in the music behind the gear...or just getting a good recording that sounds great with their systems? Probably more of the latter... I know Im guilty of that as well.

So, you are right about most of us as Audiophools who say it's all about the music...but our thinking and actions reflect more about the gear.
To me, music is not a hobby, it is a necessity for living, a passion, i couldn't live without it! I can enjoy music goin' down the road on my crummy car stereo, haven't you sang along or bopped to the music in your car before? Hi Fi is a hobby, a fun hobby that lets us get closer to the music by tweaking and upgrading equipment etc. It is sometimes frustrating, and and sometimes rewarding trying to get closer to the sound of live music, still not the same but close and very enjoyable, especially when you mod/tweak/ adjust your system and it is sucsessful so that not only can you hear Rickie Lee's breath , but feel it as she is singing right in front of you! Emotion, Passion, Happiness, Sadness! Yeah, Hi Fi is a fun hobby!
Of course it's about both. As you look through the systems here on Audiogon you see rooms filled with CDs, LPs and tapes. Most of these folks, including myself, have inordinately large music collections which retailed for quite a bit more than the gear went for. When my kids bring their friends over, their friends are freaked by my music collection and barely notice the gear.
It wouldn't be worthwhile for me if not for the music.

This post is a lot more complicated than meets the eye (ear?)...

To questions similar to, 'why do you keep doing what you do—what keeps you going?' three suberb classical artists responded:

Nathan Milstein: because I love the violin
Anton Rubinstein: because I love the sound of the piano
Marilyn Horne: because I love the sound of my voice

Why not 'because I love Bach, because I love Chopin' or 'I love music'?

If it were all about the music, then maybe a cheap radio/ghetto blaster/discman would suffice...unless of course, music AND sound are what matter.

Just my two cents...