ittok lift assembly

I have a "hotrod" version of a Ittok VII without a lift assembly. Given that my Lyra Dorian would still be working if it was there. Does anyone know where I can get one? I am about to get a new more expensive cartridge and hope to avoid the same fate.


Hello Mark, Don't quote me on this, as I don't profess to be an authority on Linn Arms. But perhaps others can chime in, if this Arm was made in Japan by Jelco, rather than being a Brit made Arm?

If so, I believe the Tonearm Lift Assembly can be gotten from Jelco, and they may be a one size fits all affair? Mark
I found the website and they do have a lift that you mention and they have specs. I will check with my dealer. You might just have saved a Skala from meeting an untimely end.

Thanks for the response !!

Hello Mark,
I know Jelco made Arms for a number of compaies, being Audioquest, Linn, Graham, and I believe others like Sumiko, and perhaps others. (BTW,I seen your query over at the Asylum as well, and see you found the site, and the Lift)

The problem was, I cannot offhand remember which Arms Jelco made for Linn, and that why I was hoping somebody here with more knowledge than I could perhaps further elaborate.

Worst case scenario perhaps if this is not a workable solution, is to sell your arm to offset the cost of another Arm. From what I understand, Arms are a hot item here on audiogon, and sell quickly, even your challenged Arm would probably be scooped up quickly by someone.

Although the now discontinued Audioquest PT-9 Arm may not be quite as good as the Ittok?, it might be a cheap, suiatble alternative, and may as well be a drop in fit, without major surgery needed on your table.
I believe overall length of the PT-9 is 229mm, and a S-P distance of 210mm-211mm.

I bought one recently from Elusive Disc at thier closeout sale price, I'm very happy with it, and run a ZYX Airy 3X with no problems.

Again Mark, iwh you the best of luck, and hope I've been of some help to you. MarkD
I was told by Linn that they do not make the Ittok lift assemblies any more but the Akito lift was a drop in replacement. I was referred to Linn's Jacksonville,FL distributor. Seems like the cost was $200 or so.