iTunes 11.1 questions

Just upgraded iTunes and now can't find out how to change the background on the album cover grid. It comes as white, I prefer the dark background. Also, How do I change the size of the album covers - I prefer a larger, less per line format. Used to be easy, now it is not (for me).

The online tutorials have been no help. They send you to "Preferences" but there are no options for the above changes that I would like to make.

Also, I think my iMac Airport card is wearing out - can't get on line anymore. Maybe an external wireless USB card?
It has been several versions of iTunes since the option to change the
background color has been removed. I preferred the darker background

You can adjust artwork size in the Songs, Artists and Genre view but not in
Album view. Select Songs, Artists or Genre view. Go to View>Show View
Options. There is a slide scale for Artork Size. Adjust to your liking.
Well, I AM BLIND. Found where you were referring too and found the "slide bar" for adjusting album cover size.

I am really disappointed, however, that I cannot adjust the size of the artwork on the "Album" option. Frankly, I regret upgrading but am very appreciative for your response Mmwheelerk.