iTunes download formats?

After digging around, I can find NO INFORMATION in iTunes Help on changing format for downloaded music from iTunes Store - is it fixed at AAC and 128kbps? HELP?
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Thanks, no need to send me the list - they have a lot of albums available in Plus format, but just none of the ones I have in iTunes. Most of my collection is on vinyl and CDs.

Apple changed their policy and now sells Plus format files for 99 cents a song. They do still charge a 30 cent per file upgrade fee to convert from 128 to 256.

Pschoi, I looked at musicgiants dot com, and it looks great. A lot of titles and individual songs available at $1.29 each for what they call "HD" format. Will experiment to see how well it works/performs.

Thanks again.

Super! Such is life on the bleeding edge.

I really need to get a better relationship with paitience.
On a side note, if you truly want to test your systems capability, you can download truly high-res studio masters in FLAC format from Linn Records and then convert them to Apple Lossless with a bit transparent converter called Max so that they will play in iTunes. The music selection is small, but the quality of the files are equal to that of a SACD.
A news item from yesterday's WSJ:

Amazon has signed with Warner Records and now offers their music online - DRM free and at 256k. This includes the Asylum, Atlantic, Elektra, Lava, Reprise, Rhino and other labels. It raises their catalog to 2.9MM songs, and now includes Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin, Sean Paul. It's good news to see another major label go DRM-free.

This announcement came out as Warner released its latest quarterly earnings which showed a 58% drop in net income.