iTunes dropping album artwork

Does anybody know why iTunes continues to drop album artwork? the artwork shows up in the "Now Playing" Box but not in the main menu of albums. It is a constant pain to keep re-stocking album covers.

Any advice is appreciated.
I had this problem when one song was selected. During playback artwork was shown only for one song. I fixed it by marking all songs and pasting artwork in properties.
Kijanki: Are you referring to an iTunes properties location? Not sure what you are referring to there.
Zd542 I responded to your suggestion with a "Thank you I will try that" but I did not see my post in the thread - so, Thank you, I will try that! (again).
Puerto, You can open properties by right clicking and selecting "Get Info". You can do that to one song or more if you mark them. Sometimes only one song has artwork. I don't know why, perhaps this song was highlighted/selected when I was dragging artwork into album (blank) icon. Strangely, when I click on "Get info" for the album artwork/icon it has none.

Another confusing thing in Itunes is fact that I cannot see my albums as tiles. Remedy for that is to set "Smart PlayList" with "Genre contains xxxxx" where I set xxxxx to genre like "Classical" etc. Later I added "- " in front of the name to have them appearing together (not mixed with other playlists). Playlist still allows to change properties but does not allow to delete - good protection.
Thanks Kijanki - Like you, I have some albums where only track no. 1 has the artwork so now I know how to remedy that.

All of my artwork is showing now since spending hours re-populating the artwork from the internet. It looks like all the ones that I just re-populated have artwork for each track. That is a new development so things are improving.