iTunes problems

Just AIFF ripped 900 CDs mostly classical with dbpoweramp. Using iTunes for playback and file management. iTunes is certainly not made for Classical CD structures. The rips come off the CDs in order and iTunes immediately randomizes the track numbers. OK for pop songs but it doesn't work for a symphony with 4 movements. I can use Album Sort most of the time to place them in order but that destroys the search pattern I use. Is there any way that the track order can be forced to stay in its proper order?

I'm also thinking about moving to J River or other system but I'm not a computer guru so all the full featured aspects of these front ends probably mean I'd not have fun running them. Can any of them sort to two levels say Composer and track name so I can get all Bach contatas or whatever. I'm running a Windows 7 Pro server NAS nad Ayre USB DAC.
I don't have much classical, but I had a few albums of various genres that wouldn't play in order too. No matter what I did, there was always a random track that was first in sort lists. After a little while, I somehow stumbled onto this -

Highlight the entire album, right click on get album info, and make sure it is album 1 of 1, 2 of 2, etc. Sometimes this info was missing on a track, and it put that track first.

For multiple disc albums, rather them one at a time, I change them so it's 1 of 1, then renumber the tracks of the following discs. By doing this, Pink Floyd's The Wall plays all the way through rather than having to start disc 2's tracks after disc 1's end.
Thanks to all the posters for the continuing education. iTunes can be a challenge when it comes to classical, soundtracks and compilations.