Ive recieved an offer for my set of Aerial 7T speakers of $700.00. Should I accept?

Gentleman seems very knowledgeable and offered me seven hundred for the set of Aerial 7T's (in great shape). I posted recently and given the comments recieved I listed them on Craigslist  for much more. However I expected a ballpark offer like he's made. Simply put with respect to the market is this an offer I should accept? We're both driving an hour and and a half so no shipping costs involved. I'm including the five foot M SERIES cables by Monster. Any thoughts would be appreciated.    
He said 7T but you all raise a good point that he needs to verify 7B or 7T since there is a big difference.  The 8008 also could be quite old, or relatively new.  Not sure how he received the items (inherited?) but the original owner could have either assembled all the gear about the same time frame (late 90's +/-) or maybe updated amp and speakers more recently.  The age of those two items makes a big difference in their value.  The $700 offer is more aligned with 7Bs than the newer 7Ts, but even the $700 seems a little low for 7Bs, which should be closer to $1-1.5K, depending on condition, unless they are really beat up or have a driver issue.  If they are 7Bs, and the goal is to simply unload them, then for a local sale, $700-800 might be a win-win for seller and buyer.
Unfortunately, you are getting some very bad advice here from people that know about speakers but not economics. You can only get what the market will bare, period. I would market your speakers in more places to see if you get a better offer, if not, I would take the 700 or not sell. Pretty simple choice. It doesn't matter what they cost new, or what you paid for them. You now can only get what someone else will pay you for them, in this case 700. I would try and sell them on other places such as eBay, Craigslist, letgo, next door, mecari. If you get no meaningful offers, you have answered you own question. What the speakers are worth is up to someone else, not you; you can only accept the offer our not.
The answer is a big no!, there is people that spend all day everyday looking for suckers to buy from and make money off of you!,  lol!, I just got a $250.00 offer on a turntable that's worth $700.00!, frankly,  I'm not shy, told him  That his offer was an insult!, so is the one you have! 
I had a pair of Aerial 7Bs for about a week. Only long enough to turn them around and out the door. I wouldn’t give you 700.00 for a pair. But good luck with your sale.