Jacintha, anyone???

If I could buy only one of Jacintha's CD. Which one should I buy? I’m looking for a best record sounding of her silky voice.
Your input is truly appreciated.
I think it really depends which ones you hear first.

I really love Here's To Ben and Autumn Leaves, but never warmed up to Lush Life when it was released. She seemed to go more main stream with that release. You could even see it in the cheesey photography for the CD jacket.

If you hear her older stuff first you may not like her newer CDs, and if you've only heard her newer releases, the older ones may seem boring by comparison.

Similarly, I liked Diana Krall's earlier CDs but stopped buying her CDs after she released The Look Of Love.

Some would say that both Jacintha and Diana Krall's newer CDs have a more commercial feel, while their first releases had more heart and soul. Others might say the newer ones have more life, while the older ones are boring.

In both cases I prefer the older ones.
By the way, I think the JVC XRCD versions of Jacintha's releases are amazing!
I just listened to the SACD of Jacintha Goes to Hollywood, and could scarcely believe what I heard - she was consistently out of tune and flat on the high notes in many of the songs. It was like fingernails on the chalkboard at times.

I've liked her earlier stuff, but this didn't sound like the same singer!
I actually enjoy Goes To Hollywood (SACD). Que Sera Sera has become a test track for me. Jacintha has become one of my favorite female vocalists and I enjoy all her albums. Her recordings are all excellently recorded as well. Some of the best recordings out there. Her Autumn Leaves LP is also one of my favorite LP's.