Jadis JA-30's What Pre would you consider

What Pre would you consider with the Jadis JA-30's ?
Driving the Merlin TSM-MXE
Modwright Phono Pre Mainly analog, some digital.

I love tubes and just can't decide if I want to stay with a Tube Pre or go to a Solid State. I do like Dan's work at Modwright and considering the 36.5, then I go the other direction looking at the Wyred 4 Sound SE unit. About the time I am ready to pull the trigger some body puts up another Pre on audiogon that I start wondering about.
Another I have thought about is the Mark Levinson 380S, the Dodd Battery Powered Pre but then I don't now if I want to be changing batteries every 6 to 9 months.
How about input on what you would consider for the above and lets but a budget of 3000.00 on the used market.
I have been in this long enough and do realize that money does not buy quality sound, only different sound. So I guess I am saying that if it's only 1000.00 or what ever your input is appreciate.
First Sound Presence Deluxe,Supratek,Wyetech Jade-just to add a few to the mix.
I agree with Toetapfactor - I hav had a JA50 and a Jadis preamp is the best match I got, including a Lamm LL2 which I own now.

Jadis amps are a little noisy (as you might already noticed) - place your Jadis preamp as far as your interconnects allow and chech your AC to-earth route.