Jadis JA80 MKII, it Is a Legend!

Hi all, My Jadis JA80 MKII arrived yesterday, after months of long wait! Since it was too late last night, I just listen to it pairing with my Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf for less than half an hour. My comment is, a really Wow! A much much better monoblock than my previous JA30 MKII even using stocks tubes. And was said from Jadis, 80 was far more better than 30 not only for the power, but much more musical, better pace of music, details & clarity! It has a different tone comparing to the 30’s IMO. The 80 was another legend above 30 even serving with high sensitivity speaker. I just regret to buy it too late. I will try partnering with my large Sony floorstand in the coming time which need more current. Of course it behaved head & shoulder above my Diapason for their different price tag. I still conclude they both sing beautifully in their own way!
I am longing to see how the new Jadis I70 performs with the new KT170 tubes.

Sam, do you still have the JA-80 MkII's? Did you ever get a chance to hear the Jadis KT-170 integrated? I am considering the later mated with Sonus Faber Elipsa SE's (magic + magic, as it were).


JA-80's with KT-170's would be nice...

@samhvcc   Where did you see that the JA30Mk2's will be equipped with KT170's? I would think those tubes would have a hard time fitting the available space on the chassis.

Hey Sam, 

Can you please illustrate more of the differences? I'm very interested in Jadis or Leben. I am looking more of an integrated like the DA50s which was told has similar signature as JA-30. I was not impressed by Orchestra Black or Reference.