Jadis Preamps JPS8, JPS2 and JP80

What are sonic differences among JPS8, JPS2 and JP80? I could not find anything about JPS8 and JPS2.

Thank you
I spoke to Jadis in France and found out that JPS8 was designed using JP800 schematics. And JPS2,as Rcprince mentioned, was designed using JP80 schematics.JPS2 and JP80 are still best preamps Jadis produced so far. According to Jadis every aspect of JPS2 music reproduction is superior to JPS8.

Thank you guys

I'd add the JP200 to the list of the best preamps they've made so far--what it is in reality is a JP80 for each channel. I had a hunch the 8 designation maent it was like the JP800, which I have never seen or heard.

Johnny is right in that the stock Jadis can be made to sound different by changing some of the stock parts. I would be careful about that, however--take a look at Trelja's post on another thread about the DA60 he bought that had been modified. There are some mods that can be made that will improve the sound of the Jadis but there are some that will change its character, even if delivering better measured performance. Be careful what you play with in there.
I have owned a jp80 for 16 years,it is tube regulated and has ahigh volts b plus transformed winded in a similar fashion but with hmusical sounding pre amp to a fast detail retaining musicality and opennesseavier gauge magnet wire done by myself,i did replaced allresistors and audio caps usingMIT on phone and copper fiol papere in oil by Jensen I even aded a choke to filter the Hv . The Mc circuit was lousy sounding to my ears,dismantled and replaced by 2 Hashimoto step up trannies..All said it turned from a bit dark slow a bit oscure musical pre to amore detailed fast, retaining the wide sondstage and musicality.No way to replace it ....never will.Long happy mariage.
I have owned a JP80 for more than 16 years now I even qinded the high voltage trnsformer myself using heavier magnet wire and respecting the sectorialsecondary into te primary ala audio output trannies. Replaced the Mc circuit with acoupled ofHashimoto tranies ,replaced allresistors using Vishay and Holcos as well as the audio path caps replacing them by MIT in thephono stage and copperfoil Jensen in the lione stage resulting in a bit faster and detail preamp without compromissing the wide sound stage,neutrality and musicalityHope it is the Lord plan for me to enjoy this happy marriage for 16 more years.Amen
I also believe the JPS8 and JP80 have 2 volume controls and the JPS2 has 1 volume control