Jantzen Wax Coil or Mundorf M-Coil CFC

Hi Everyone,

Need to build a new crossover for my Tannoy Monitor Red. My first choice for inductor is Mundorf Copper Air , M-Coil CFC. But it don't have the value I need and so I have to ask Mundorf to custom made it for a price. Then I found the Jantzen Copper Wax Coil, which looks fancy and cheaper. However, Can't find any review online. 

I am wondering if anyone has experience with these coil and which is better? 


Yuviarora, interesting.  I am considering Jantzen wax coils versus Mundorf, but don’t know what you mean by “Mundorf plastic coils “.  Mundorf’s best foil air core is “Copper Foil Paper”, is that the one you mean?

Timely posts for me! I purchased both Jantzen Litz wire wax and Jantzen solid wire inductors some time ago as final mods for my Klipschorn crossovers. Can't recall exactly why I purchased both solid wire and litz wax wire, seems I remember something about litz being preferable to solid for tweeters, or maybe I have it backwards. Can anyone inform me as to preferences here?

I agree with @yuviarora —-crossover inductors make a massive difference in sound quality.  People like to swap caps but rarely do you hear comments about coil comparisons.  In my high efficiency speakers with 12db crossovers, I have tried quite a few coils and I ended up with different types for the woofer and midrange/tweeter.  On the woofer I prefer Solen 14g Perfect Lay air cores which have a warm, rich, dynamic sound.  On the midrange/tweeter I prefer JantZen 15g Air-Core (solid wire); in this spot the Solen Perfect-Lay sounds too soft.  I have also tried JantZen 14g C-Coil toroids which can sound pretty good on woofers but too edgy with mids and tweets.  JantZen iron core with discs are nice and cheap but too edgy and fuzzy.  I tried a number of foil inductors and didn’t like any of them.  Vintage iron coils are too edgy.

I haven’t tried the new JantZen wax coils.  From the description in this thread that’s now on my list of things to try.

By plastic, I mean the Polypropylene used to insulate the foil capacitors. 

Both the Mundorf and Jantzen wax are amazing inductors...but for me, that paper housing has a more vintage/analogue sound, and the background is jet black. 

You will not go wrong with either to be honest......Mundorf also makes a papper coil capacitor, that is encased in paper and a proprietary resin. 

On my next speaker project, I will be getting some Duelund inductors, and all Duelund foil capacitors to do my crossover.