Japan Trip - Looking For Shopping MC Cartridge Recommendations

I lived in Japan from 1990-99 and went back there on business 1-2 times/year for several years after that, so I consider it my second home.  
My change in jobs has kept me away from Japan for about 6 years, but this summer I'll be going back for a couple of weeks.  I will be mainly in the Tokyo area, and would like recommendations from those who know where to find great deals on phono cartridges.  
I have read several threads on these forums about the much lower prices on carts in Japan, but I know that not all shops are cheaper than the U.S. pricing.  I'm looking for specific shops I can visit to find good deals.  
I'm very familiar with Tokyo and navigating its trains and subways, so if you're recommending shops I only need to know the shop name and which train station it's nearest to.  Akihabara used to have quite a few high end audio dealers but the last time I was there it seemed to be overrun with Cosplay and gaming shops.  I imagine there are still a few shops there, however.  
I'll be shopping for a new MC cartridge.  I currently have a Lyra Delos and will either move up the Lyra line or look at other excellent cartridges that sell in the U.S. for $4-$7K.  Emphasis will be on getting a much better price than U.S. pricing.  If the savings is not significant I'll just buy it here instead.
Thanks for any help you can give me.  My time will be a little shorter than I'd like on this visit so I need to make a focused plan.
Be careful with zyx as there are many problems and it is better to have a good after sale service.
Specific ZYX problems??

The only problem I had with mine that I bought from 2juki was that I plain wore it out!

I was considering another one but would like to hear what these " many problems" are.......
My Zyx airy 3 began before 1000 hours to get suspension probem,and I bought it through official importer. On my French forum 5 people got problem with zyx mistracking  ,or with bad sound ...at low millage. 4 were bought at official dealers and one from 2juki.
On German forum there were complaints about zyx cartridges.
In fact I think zyx are made by subcontractors and there are not enough control of quality.
On whatbest forum a man received a 10k zyx, the box was empty. They send a new one and it was mistracking ,the third one was working. I think it sums up the situation.
For ZYX you’d better contact Mehran at SoraSound in Chicago, you can get the best deal ever, warranty, trade-in options for the future. He’s is a nice guy to deal with, highly recommended. He’s a friend of Nakatsuka-San who design ZYX, as far as i know Mehran used to live in Japan for some time. My ZYX Premium 4D SB2 from Mehran was perfect, no issues.

P.S. Previous Airy 3 from grey market dealer juki was very strange during burn-in process, i’ve hear distortion for some time, but no problem with suspension.

Anyway there are many great cartridges in Japan now: Miyajima, Shelter, My Sonic Labs, Dynavector, Audio-Technica ... you know all of them, i’m sure.

This is something new and it was J.Carr who informed us about this design:
I agree that Mehran is a very reputable and enthusiastic ZYX dealer.  I have not seen internet claims that ZYX cartridges are any more often defective than any other of the expensive brands.  The story about the guy receiving an empty box is certainly not evidence to support defectiveness.  The follow-up that his replacement sample did not track well could as well be due to incompetent set-up as to the cartridge itself. In Tokyo, you cannot buy any of the UNIverse line of ZYX cartridges.  These are made only for Mehran and sold only by him, so far as I can tell.  I am the happy owner of a ZYX UNIverse (the original) that has given me no problems and much pleasure for 2-3 years.  I bought it with very low hours from a fellow Audiogon Forum-er.

snackyp also asked about why Lyra cartridges are not available in Tokyo.  Probably it has something to do with making money. It's not a secret that they are made by Scantech using designs and material specifications provided by Jonathan Carr.  I wouldn't be surprised or upset to learn that ZYX cartridges are similar in provenance.  You CAN buy just about any ZYX cartridge at a good price at Yodibashi, except no UNIverses.
As to other brands, nearly all that Chakster names can be found at Yodibashi.  (Not sure if I recall seeing Dynavector, but other dealers DO sell Dynavector.) To his list I would add Ikeda, Denon, Grado (I think).  You won't get a great discount on Audio Technica, compared to US prices.  Probably you can save 20% to 40% on the others.