Jay, cdt2

I'm interested in buying Jay's cd transport and I 'm wondering why Jay's website has it listed for 2,499.00 and there are places on Ebay it is listed for 2,299.00 ? Are they legit ? Where did anyone else buy there's from?

 Also I asked Jay's if my Cal. Audio Labs Alpa would work with it they said they think so. Does anyone know for shure before it buy it?🍻


I purchased a Panasonic DB UP9000 last week from an ebay seller.  Came in a Panasonic box.  Last year I purchased a much cheaper Panasonic 4k player from Best Buy.  The boxes both look similar blue with black lettering, same symbols, etc.  Funny thing they both have Made in Czechoslovakia on the back.  Chinese, hardly.  Ebay like everything else in life is Caveat Emptor.  The new Panasonic was 600 dollars cheaper than other sites.  Plays great.  I only have 2 4k movies, first one was head and shoulders better than a BluRay, haven't tried the second one.  An old Marx bros dvd looked better than I had seen it before.   

Thank you for clearing up ebay thing.  Does anybody know about the Alpha working with Jay's. Still on the fence about fixing my delta transport. Hate to spend the money and only find a marginal improvement or none at all .

All my equipment was home auditioned and i tell you I brought home many amp pre amp combo's, transports ,and dac 's. This stuff just works together. To bad there is no way to home audition Jay's.🍻

My only advice is to message Jays and ask where to purchase. I was under the impression that a direct purchase from them was possible.

I would also consider the 

Mark III and the Ayon CD-T transport

Enough said, buying a Jay's from anyone other than Alvin is foolish. Not the original product, not Jay's warranty.

For Less $ you can get a beautiful top loader with a BELT DRIVE.....yeah....Just like a turntable. Awsome sound CEC TL5...........