Jay, cdt2

I'm interested in buying Jay's cd transport and I 'm wondering why Jay's website has it listed for 2,499.00 and there are places on Ebay it is listed for 2,299.00 ? Are they legit ? Where did anyone else buy there's from?

 Also I asked Jay's if my Cal. Audio Labs Alpa would work with it they said they think so. Does anyone know for shure before it buy it?🍻


My only advice is to message Jays and ask where to purchase. I was under the impression that a direct purchase from them was possible.

I would also consider the 

Mark III and the Ayon CD-T transport

Enough said, buying a Jay's from anyone other than Alvin is foolish. Not the original product, not Jay's warranty.

For Less $ you can get a beautiful top loader with a BELT DRIVE.....yeah....Just like a turntable. Awsome sound CEC TL5...........

Thanks for the kind words & recommendation, I appreciate it.


Many thanks,

Alvin @ Vinshine Audio


Just buy the Cyrus CD T from TMR...got mine there for only $999 brand new. It retails for $1299. It is probably just as good. I would say the DAC will make more of a difference in the sound. There is also the cheaper Audiolab....but to me, it is too darn big for what it does, a transport. I bet if you opened it up you would find it to be mostly empty. The Cyrus is tiny compared to most, taking up less real estate on my shelf. I don’t know much about anything "Jay Audio", but to me, way too much money for just a transport.