Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3 CD Transport

I have a big question about the Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3 transport.  .....  How well does it play CDR's?  .....   The Cambridge CXC that I'm checking out now will play redbook cds,....    but it does a VERY horrible job at playing ADD recordings or any CDR's,.....    I record all my recordings in WAV.  ....   You know before I lay down $5000 or so on a transport, I would love to be sure It will play a CDR as well as the original.   ....   Never had this issue before.    If anyone has thoughts on this I would very much appreciate it.         Thanks Steve



Several months ago I had the same question.

I have burned thousands of Flac files from Nugs.com.

I use CD Burner XP on my PC the results very good.

In most cases there live shows in Flac will spoil you.

My CDT3 MK3 runs the tubulus concentus i2s cable into

A Terminator Dac. Best upgrade Iv'e ever made.