Jay's "Ugly Truth" video


Why does this get mentioned so rarely? 

I've experienced the "dark side" and have never had the means to afford gear that's remotely close to the level that Jay focuses on. 

What about you -- can you relate or have you always been able to maintain a healthy balance and avoid being overtaken by obsession? 


I have had a couple of one on one interactions with Jay and found that he gave me great advice.  He stayed within my budget, gave me both pro's and con's about the direction I was headed in and was able to connect with a fantastic deal on a component I was interested in purchasing.  He actually recommended product based on what I like to listen to and had demoed.

I can see how people would take him as over the top; however, I try not to confuse that with his passion for music.

+100 @mahgister 

You captured it succinctly and perfectly.

I do spend considerably more money on equipment than mahgister does but I still spent way more on the room itself than the equipment.