Jays CD2- Mk3 CDT vrs CEC-TL5 CDT

I have narrowed it down to these two units. I haven't heard back from Tom, at Audio Union, in Springfield, MO. yet.( Good company and good service or not ?) Apparently they handle the CEC units in the states. I believe they also service them in MO. Also, Not sure,  as he hasn't answered my e-mail yet. Also the CEC's are belt driven. Not sure if that's good or bad, or makes little difference? They are also more expensive than the JAYS. Jays warranty is one year, and unknown at this time about CEC's? They both appear to be outstanding units. They will be matched up with my Meitner MA 1-V2 DAC. If anyone can shed a little light on this topic, it would be great. Thanks Robert TN


@robshaw LTA has one linear power supply. I think it was $600+. All ya gotta do is tell them what voltage OR what brand/model component it’s for. 

Great thread!

Always good to know the features in comparison.

So, which CD transport has the most realistic sound?  Most organic bass, extended highs etc.

I had heard (anecdotally, of course) that the CEC TL5 is fuller sounding, but not as dynamic.  Perhaps a bit too soft.


Audio Union distribiutes CEC in the America's from Springfield Missouri. I attempt to answer all communication on the same day. The email @robshaw mentioned was answered 5 hours later.

The CEC TL1 is out of production because the TL2N outperforms the TL1. Now there are no spare parts for the TL1 available from the factory, except for the belt.

In regards to the Audio Union comment. He is totally CORRECT, it was answered very promptly, and thoroughly. When I posted my comment it had to have been prior to receiving his post/answer. It wasn't meant to be a negative, Sorry if it appeared that way. Once answered, I should have responded with a,  thank you, if I did not I apologize. Hope this helps for people considering a CEC unit. Robert TN