Jazz and Acoustic Guitar recommendation

I'm pretty new to Jazz music and interesting in buying some CDs that have the following characteristics.
1. Smooth jazz with Acoustic Guitar, drum and percussion.
2. It should be involving and live like.

I have been listening to Peter White, Kenny G, and Earl Klugh and love them. Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Supakit S.

Very good suggestions, Sdcampbell. I'd add only one name:
Howard Roberts. However, he'd never explore a tune to the extent I'd have liked. (Am told he tended to be a lot more ruminative in his nightclub appearances in Phoenix(?).

You studied under Charlie Byrd? Wow, that must have been a treat. Didn't he also record a "Live at the Village Vanguard" or is my memory failing?

Oh, one more. How could I forget George Van Epps, an incredibly gifted musician.
Quick addendum: Johnny Smith, another amazing musician whose music will likely please you, Supakit.
John Scofield is very popular in Europe and is now beginning to gather a following here in the States. Scofield has released work with Metheny and Hayden among others.