Jazz enthusiasts - A Joe Henderson find .....

When crusing the bins the other day I found a 2cd set on Blue Note label "The State of the Tenor - Live at the Village Vanguard)". I bought it because of Henderson but also because it included bassist Ron Carter whom I also really like. They are reissues based on a 3 day session at the VV in the mid 80's. This is IMHO some of Henderson's best and the recording is pretty good as well. If you like jazz I don't know how you could go wrong. :-)
Knownothing, I have Lush Life and really like it - very assessible, and like the one I mentioned, should have a very broad appeal to someone who likes jazz with its roots in the 60's and 70's. I have used the first cut of Lush life to audition components - the sax is a bit close to the mic and an edgy component will/can exagerate this and make it sound unmusical.

Onhwy61, LOL. Love rhetorical questions with their origins based (I assume) on posts I made yesterday. But, FWIW, I think those same comments were partially responsible for my making a recommendation for some alternative 'jazz' for someone interested. :-)
I purchased The State of the Tenor a few weeks ago. I like what I've heard so far though I haven't had a chance to get into all of it. I'm definitely a fan of JH.
Check out "The Real McCoy" by McCoy Tyner for the same quartet with ELVIN JONES - either the LP or the RVG remastered CD.