Jazz enthusiasts - A Joe Henderson find .....

When crusing the bins the other day I found a 2cd set on Blue Note label "The State of the Tenor - Live at the Village Vanguard)". I bought it because of Henderson but also because it included bassist Ron Carter whom I also really like. They are reissues based on a 3 day session at the VV in the mid 80's. This is IMHO some of Henderson's best and the recording is pretty good as well. If you like jazz I don't know how you could go wrong. :-)
Check out "The Real McCoy" by McCoy Tyner for the same quartet with ELVIN JONES - either the LP or the RVG remastered CD.
Joe is at his best on this piano less date. I believe it's from the early eighties. This is truly the real thing... subtle, intense interplay between Al Foster and Ron.
Sly references and unique grooves.
This is absolute major league modern jazz improvisation.
The hippest tunes... Monk's ask me now, Ellington, Mingus and a version of All the things that is so sophisticated it's exhilarating.
Really the more you know about jazz the more pleasure you will derive from this superb live set. Joe Henderson at his mature and powerful best really did represent the state of the modern tenor saxophone.
It's also available on vinyl... digitally recorded though.