Jazz for aficionados

Jazz for aficionados

I'm going to review records in my collection, and you'll be able to decide if they're worthy of your collection. These records are what I consider "must haves" for any jazz aficionado, and would be found in their collections. I wont review any record that's not on CD, nor will I review any record if the CD is markedly inferior. Fortunately, I only found 1 case where the CD was markedly inferior to the record.

Our first album is "Moanin" by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. We have Lee Morgan , trumpet; Benney Golson, tenor sax; Bobby Timmons, piano; Jymie merrit, bass; Art Blakey, drums.

The title tune "Moanin" is by Bobby Timmons, it conveys the emotion of the title like no other tune I've ever heard, even better than any words could ever convey. This music pictures a person whose down to his last nickel, and all he can do is "moan".

"Along Came Betty" is a tune by Benny Golson, it reminds me of a Betty I once knew. She was gorgeous with a jazzy personality, and she moved smooth and easy, just like this tune. Somebody find me a time machine! Maybe you knew a Betty.

While the rest of the music is just fine, those are my favorite tunes. Why don't you share your, "must have" jazz albums with us.

Enjoy the music.

Allso saw and was wowed by Brecker Brothrrs. “Live from Brooklyn Bowl” by The Headhunters is s nice jaxz funk one from today. Donald Harrison Jr!

@pjw81563 , Paul, have not heard that album. In fact, very few of Weather Report or Zawinul I listened at all, since very early I recognised the ’fusion sound’ as something that does not suit me. Of course I went to see that concert that I have posted as I appreciate the ’craftmanship’ even with things that I am not fond of (and they were playing in my hometown) But, if I may say, that music makes me nervous.

On the other hand, I really like Desmond, his sound or his music is just beautiful...

Couple of albums where he plays that I have posted recently, perhaps not often mentioned...

Desmond and Brubeck ’Duets’ from 1975


Paul Desmond Quartet live in Canada 1975.


I guess I am more into lyricsm...it must be because of my gentle soul,ha,ha...


@curiousjim As I remeber reading somewhere, you had some big Kef’s? Something new or differnet you have ordered?


So last January a tweeter went out on one of my KEF Reference 5’s and today, 10 months later, the issue should be resolved 🤞🏻🤞🏻

I’ll report back later.

@curiousjim Those KEF R5 look like great speakers. I noticed they have 2 rear firing ports.

Did they come with foam inserts to close one or both ports as/if needed. How far away from the wall do they sound best?

Just asking because rear firing ports sound better when not right against the wall.