Jazz for late night relaxation

Jazz friends; I'd like to expand my knowledge of albums geared toward relaxing in the evening with perhaps my favorite brandy or a cup of hot OJ. My taste is varied and I'll post specifics but I feel Paul Desmond and some of Chet Bakers stuff work very well to put me into pure contentment. Thanks for your thoughts. Pete
Hey Czarivey, thanks for the compliment, but I see no mention of wanting sleep in the OP 😊
2nd vote for any Venus Jazz 24/192 mastered RBCD or SACD out of Japan (seller 'internationalrecords' on eBay out of Hong Kong is a great and reliable source)....particularly any of the Eddie Higgins or Eric Alexander Ballads/Standards releases. Not only is the music great and fitting to the OP's question, the sonics on all Venus discs is off the charts good (at least to my ears....).
Piano After Dark. Bobby Zee and friends. One of my favorite
evening "relaxers" Try it. You may, like me become a Bobby
Zee fan.