Jazz for relaxation

Could you suggest me a couple of titles (CD)... I'm looking for jazz, most of the time slow, quite, calming, and harmonious enough to relax, if not meditate, on. Piano, double bass, whatever else...
Preferably to be recorded between '90th to present, with extremelly good quality.

I relax to a couple of CDs from Claude Bolling and Jean-Pierre Rampal named "Picnic Suite" and "Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio No. 2". These are two terrific CDs full of flute and piano, just super melodies. Just go to Amazon and search for these and play the first track from each... you'll see what I mean. Anyone else own these, or know of these musicians?
Ric Sanders Group- Live In Lincoln Cathedral- acoustic violin, drums/percussion, acoustic guitar. Available through Music Direct. Order it today and thank me later!
Verve has released several collections of various artists called "Jazz Round Midnight". Each is mellow and very reasonably priced. Ben Webster is a personal favorite.

Jim Crane
If you like sax I and you want to keep it mellow, try one of Houston Persons releases on High Note. Very straight forward and assessible jazz Big, round, sax influenced sound. For some standards try "Sentimental Journey".