Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.

I've toyed with the idea of looking into jazz. Not sure why. Not sure what I'm looking for. Maybe just something to sound good on my system. I realize jazz is a broad category but much of what I hear I have not been attracted to. Don't ask me what I've heard.
What I'd like is a recommendation of two or three albums to start with. (I know that's insane)

And since I've given next to nothing to go on I'll point out a few things that I do like that might help narrow it down some maybe.

Jazz-like stuff I do like: Steely Dan. Almost all of their stuff. Van Morrison's jazz influenced stuff like Astral Weeks.
I like blues. Delta and hill country hard core blues.

I like a wide variety of rock from heavy metal, to prog rock to classic R&B.
Does any of that help? I know this is a crazy request but if I could get some recommendations I'll at least have somewhere to start. Not looking for specific recordings yet. Just content. When I find what I like I'll research the best recordings.
Thanks for any possible advice.

^^^ Connick Jr's. CDs are well recorded. I have several of them. He's a good jazz pianist and ballad singer. Try the one disc (I forget which one it is) where it is just his trio. Nice jazz.

I mentioned the Harry Connick Jr. Trio album Lofty’s Roach Soufflé. It is an awesome Jazz instrumental album. It’s a fine listen and maybe can even get your wife on board as well.
Re: Kenny G. I’ve never been a fan of his BUT....before he became Kenny G his name was Kenny Gorelick and was a charter member of the original Jeff Lorber Fusion Band. On the 1st few Lorber records, Kenny Gorelick played his butt off!
^^^ Like a lot of jazz musicians, Kenny G.went over to the dark side to make money. You'd think he would have broke loose once in a while to appease us jazz guys. I agree ... he could really play when he turned off all of the electronics and the drenched in digital reverb recordings. 

@oregonpapa said: "Like a lot of jazz musicians, Kenny G.went over to the dark side to make money"
I think this is true in a lot of genres. Lots of serious rock bands abandoned their core stuff to make ballads. They all made tons of money on cheesy, monotonous ballads and virtually none of them ever recover artistically. Others, like ZZ Top make a killer album like Eliminator and every album after it sounds exactly the same.

It would be hard to turn your back on the kind of money that vapid vacuous pop-ified music can offer.

I do remember a funny quote from Huey Lewis that after being a cult band on the local scene that they were accused of "selling out" when they got popular. He said they had been trying to sell out for years.

Listening to Harry Connick, Jr.'s Lofty's Roach Souflle' and it is not bad.

@nicotico We have watched two episodes of Jazz and I'm enjoying it. It really is more about the people than the music, and that's fine. I don't mind that. Its good to know some of the back story.