Jazz In A Woody Allen Movie: "Fading Gigolo"

I watched 'Fading Gigolo' last night. I have a tendency to watch anything involving Woody Allen. The soundtrack featured Gene Ammons music. The intro of 'Canadian Sunset' was smoking. Check it out if you get a minute. It was one of the best jazz soundtracks in recent memory.

Oh, the movie was just so-so...
The film is written,directed and stars John Turturro.Allen pretty much tells the story of the film and it is vintage Woody shtick,right out of his best films.The divine tenor saxophone of the great Gene Ammons is a recurring musical motif and much of it is culled from the sessions reissued under the name " The Gentle Jug" on Prestige Records.Anytime you hear good Jazz in a film it is a plus!
That movie was classic Woody. I find it hard to believe Allen didn't write or direct that movie. I think he did, but for some reason, he wanted Turturro to take the credit. Why? God only knows. Allen's mind works in mysterious ways.
I agree with you Chayro. Even though it says written and directed by Tuturro, it was a Woody Allen movie.
No. It was not a Woody Allen movie. No it was not shoot in
Manhattan but Brooklyn. And if you are not a Jew from NYC,
you do not have a clue between the Upper East or West Side,
and Williamsburg or Ocean Parkway. Woody is from Brooklyn and that is brought out in his movies, but in reality, he is a Manhattanite. Probably this was his first movie in Brooklyn in years. Which is ironic., Perhaps he was anointing for his past sins. ;-)))