Jazz like this? Suggestions

I've been listening to "The Gotland Sessions" by the Magnus Ringblom Quartet for a good while now, and absolutely adore it. However, I have tried unsuccessfully to search for Jazz in a similar vein, having exhausted his catalogue on Qobuz

I'm no expert on Jazz, but enjoy the mellow, dreamy jazz served up by Magnus and co; could someone with more Jazz knowledge point me in the right direction?

I stream exclusively from Qobuz


Thanks guys 👍🙂


More on the smooth jazz side, but give David Benoit a try. American Landscape or A Midnight Rendezvous to start.

Or maybe some of the recent stuff from Emmet Cohen. Uptown in Orbit.

Till Bronner was mentioned above. There’s a great album by Till and Bob James - On Vacation. Or just about anything Bob James.

Edit: I see you’re already familiar with On Vacation. I’ll also add Bill Evans - You Must Believe in Spring.

I confess that I haven't yet had a chance to hear the Magnus Ringblom Quartet, but you might want to check out ECM Records.  Their European style of jazz has more classical influence, less swing or R&B.