Jazz like this? Suggestions

I've been listening to "The Gotland Sessions" by the Magnus Ringblom Quartet for a good while now, and absolutely adore it. However, I have tried unsuccessfully to search for Jazz in a similar vein, having exhausted his catalogue on Qobuz

I'm no expert on Jazz, but enjoy the mellow, dreamy jazz served up by Magnus and co; could someone with more Jazz knowledge point me in the right direction?

I stream exclusively from Qobuz


Thanks guys 👍🙂


I you cue up one of their albums and let it play to the end and let Qobuz go on it will start playing random artists that they feel are of the same. I have found some new bands doing this. Another would be using pandora by making the artist the station and they to will play like bands. Then just start hitting down who you like.

Great topic because I’m just scratching the surface.  Can someone experienced with this genre of jazz create a shared Qobuz playlist??? Thanks. 


"Improvisation is the heart and soul of Jazz music".

Amen, brother!











So many 

Early Miles


Art Pepper

Houston Person

Jimmy Forest

I can give you specifics but there is a bunch from these cats.