Jazz like this? Suggestions

I've been listening to "The Gotland Sessions" by the Magnus Ringblom Quartet for a good while now, and absolutely adore it. However, I have tried unsuccessfully to search for Jazz in a similar vein, having exhausted his catalogue on Qobuz

I'm no expert on Jazz, but enjoy the mellow, dreamy jazz served up by Magnus and co; could someone with more Jazz knowledge point me in the right direction?

I stream exclusively from Qobuz


Thanks guys 👍🙂


Listening to Magnus Ringblom Quartet as I type this... very nice (ain’t the internet somethin)

I haven’t seen it mentioned but I would recommend

Paolo Fresu

Mare Nostrum  most similar 


have a similar type feel but maybe even more so.



Magnus Ringblom Quartet is music that I have never listened to.  Great mellow stuff!  Thanks for the suggestion!

@moto_man after a strenuous working week in the UK's National Health Service, Mr Ringblom & Co's is the first album that's lined up while me and Mrs Painter settled down to chill with a few beers and glasses of wine; just the tonic 🙂

@painter24, I hear you! Jazz just helps me relax after a long day! I also listen to Gary burton/Ralph Towner’s album Matchbook… the acoustic guitar and Burtons Vibraphone is sublime. You’re lucky that your wife enjoys it. Mine hates jazz(?), but likes hip hop. Go figure. At least our tastes intersect with classic rock!